Thursday, October 24, 2013

She Was A ... "Silver Bride"

       There are moments when you hear a song and then you just can't forget it... "From the misty dreams of nighttime..". That was how everything started :) Last Sunday my soul-mate and his band had a concert and when I heard the first notes.. I just .. I don't know... I've heard this song many many times before but that moment , it was amazing. They say that music has the power to ennoble the sure does!!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Work In Progress: 3D Butterflies

Hello lovelies!

     Today I'm moody but very creative!! I've been trying to tidy up the whole mess around here. I still have boxes around and sometime soon I have to unpack for sure but it's boring! I've unpacked all the important stuff (my tools, my beads etc...)! Anyway today's post is a sneak peak! I want to decorate my living room and since I love butterflies I decided to experiment with air dry clay! So the result was these 3D butterflies!! I haven't finished with their wings yet but I couldn't wait to share!
    Have a nice weekend everybody!

3D Butterfly
Hand-Sculpted 3D Butterflies

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