Thursday, November 21, 2013

Experimenting & My Moody Mood

         Hi folks! What's up? It's raining and I have the most "amazing" mood. A little sad, a little angry and very very tired. I would like to just give up but I can't... I'm too stubborn to do that. So I'm stuck with my ups and downs... and that "beautiful" weather doesn't help at all. I hate my blog's background as well, I need to change it soon. At least writing here my thoughts helps sooo much!! I almost feel a little better. Anyway, I would like to share my news with you.
          I decided to change the way I file my photographs and the codes of my designs, so from now on there won't be any codes at the end of my titles. 
          Yesterday, my students and I, we created beautiful bracelets with polymer clay beads and gemstone chips. I believe that I'll be able to post some photo tomorrow or during the weekend. 
          At last, I would like to show you my new tote bag! It took me 1 and a half months to create it but it worth it! I wanted a nice large black back with inner pockets and suitable for my needs (I carry almost everything around :P). Textured up-cycled black leather with cross-stitch details.
           That's all for now!
Up-cycled Leather Tote Bag

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Magenta Arty Workshop: Creative Swirls [13/11/2013]

     Hello folks!!! What's up?? I got news!! Many many things happened lately! First, my graduation ceremony will be at the end of the month!!! (yay!!!). I've been waiting for tooooo long to read about it, so it feels like a miracle!!! 
     Second, I would like to show the creations of my awesome students!! (ooo yes, you read correctly!). I teach Jewelry Design for Novices (and not) at Magenta Arty Workshop! and bellow you can see what we created at our second workshop!!

& last one, the ring the teacher made!

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